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Sideboard designed for 

Take Me Home

NAGOYA is a combination of tradition and modernity. Inspired by a popular sliding system originating in Japan, where these sliding doors are practically a standard, enabling a fully functional use of space. This is also the case with NAGOYA. The introduction of this solution allows any arrangement and display of items in it. This system facilitates and provides two possibilities for arranging the furniture by minimizing the use of space. The NAGOYA cabinet is beautiful in its simple, minimalist form. It has been designed for comfortable use for years.


lounge chair designed for 

Take Me Home

VELO is not only a beautiful sofa, but also a lounge chair, which, like the sofa, has a unique design and design. This lounge chair not only impresses with its appearance, it is also very comfortable, and the person sitting on it feels special and dignified, as if sitting on a modern throne. Large cushions give the impression that they are enveloping the person sitting on it. This beautiful armchair is a piece of furniture ideal for commercial interiors, lobby or waiting rooms, as well as modern minimalist living rooms. 



sofa designed for 

Take Me Home

VELO is unique, unrepeatable, unlike any other, is beautiful, comfortable, and modern. Most sofas on the market are so similar to each other that after seeing a dozen or so models, all the sofas seem the same. VELO is a Scandinavian style sofa different than the other.  This sofa, with its unique design gives the interior a unique character. The sofa consists of large comfortable cushions wrapped in bent plywood, enclosed in a delicate steel frame. The sofa was created for commercial interiors such as a waiting room, lobby or rest area in a shopping gallery, but its shape and its comfortable seating make it perfect for modern living room too.



dining chair designed for 

Take Me Home

Maestro is a very minimalistic form of a chair. It is inspired with the furniture design from the 30’s and 50’s. It’s sleek and smooth line defines the silhouette of the chair and makes it impossible to pass by indifferently. The strongly outlined perforation makes the back of the chair more attractive and serves well for the comfort of seating. The idea behind this ergonomic shape is that we easily maintain in a straight seating position. The chair is available in a black version.


Mr. Cosy

desk designed for 

Take Me Home

Mr.Cosy is a modern Scandinavian desk in a minimalist style. The top is made of solid Class A oak or a choice of oak veneer, gives it character. The protruding railing makes the modern desk fit into industrial design. Mr. Cosy can be personalized in any way; to choose in configuration with a magnetic board, drawer and key holder. Thanks to such solutions, the organization of the workplace is much easier. Additionally, containers for pens and pencils and a correspondence hook placed on the rail allow you to have all the most necessary things at hand. 



table lamp designed for 

Flam & Luce

A small capsule that will bring in your home a warm light with many personalities, to look perfect in any interior



TABLE LAMP designed for 

Flam & Luce

An elegant and modern floor lamp that can be easily transform from a column lamp into an arc lamp



table lamp designed for 

Flam & Luce

A small drum that does not create sounds but lights up



table lamp designed for 

Flam & Luce

A small lamp with a light cut that releases light and allows you to choose if you want to dare with colors and textures or to remain in a more elegant register



table lamp designed for 

Flam & Luce

Quilla is a presence more than a lamp. A silent character who lives in the corners or on the furniture of your home and turns on sometimes to give you some light


SIDE designed for 

Take Me Home

Elta is an modern TV cabinet. Depending on our decision, whether we choose the option with 2 or 3 doors it can change into an minimal commode or a RTV shelf. In the 3 door variation the additional space for RTV equipment can transform into an extra shelf to store your favourites. The door perforation and the light torso of the shelf creates an illusion of weightlessness. The dedicated decoder space or DVD player has an thought out cable pass. This shelf space can be also used for books and boxes storage. 



chair designed for 


In economics an industrial cluster is a combination of closely interlinked companies, suppliers and institutions. Padded elements, coloured fabrics and structures are the three components of Cluster, which interconnect to build the first totally custom made seat, to form an overall force that produces imagination. OK, everybody’s talking about it, but what does “custom made” mean? The word indicates something that has been made “to measure”, according to the needs of the customer, the function that the buyer wants to give the object. Cluster is the first Custom made seat because the customer chooses his shape, chooses his design, chooses the aesthetics and chooses the most suitable base. The function of Cluster is to create new parameters for a seat, not to follow those already formulated and leave free interpretation to the user of the product.

Ms. Cosy

console designed for 

Take Me Home

Contemporary MS. COSY console table, whose great advantages are simple form and multifunctionality. The console table in Scandinavian style has a handle on the left, where you can hang a purse or a backpack. In addition, the base has been extended over which there is a row of hooks for hanging keys, a holder for documents or correspondence, and containers in which you can hide pens, business cards and sticky notes. Such a minimalist console table is a great piece of furniture for people who like to have everything at hand in the hall or office. In a duet with a MR. COSY minimalist coat stand, it creates the perfect set of furniture to help keeping order.



side table designed for 


PRISM is a side table made by the Portuguese brand OIAInspired in a twisted simple shape, Prism linear design intends to fits in every environment. This wavy stone, well craft, combined with the shape itself, create new images accordingly to the perspective. Due to optical effects you will never have the same table twice wherever you look. This captivating and intriguing piece will never stops to surprise.



Floor lamp designed for 


PICBEU is a floorlamp made by the Portuguese brand Flame & LuceA sculptural floor lamp which is perfect for any kind of interior decoration. A very simple design but not at all anonymous.



lamp designed for 


TESSERACT is a lamp made by the Portuguese brand Flame & LuceA lamp that you can flip as you want to create every time a new light. This lamp is proposed in two different sizes: Large and Medium.



dining table designed for 

Take Me Home 

Mr.W is a dining table made by the Polish brand Take Me HomeModern, extravagant dining table with interesting form. Innovatory basis conctruction creates three-dimensional W letter, which looks absolutely amazing. Its an industrial table that is a proof od italian style & passion.



TABLE LAMP designed for 

Flam & Luce

TCHOUF is a table lamp made by the Portuguese brand Flam & Luce. Directly based on the train lamps, is made of ceramic and steel.



TABLE LAMP designed for 

Flam & Luce

NIDO is a table lamp made by the Portuguese brand Flam & Luce. The light is hided by the first shade and create a beautiful display of light and shadows through the second shade. This lamp is made entirely of ceramic.



Lamp table designed for 

Flam & Luce

BOUÉE is a table lamp made by the Portuguese brand Flam & Luce. This lamp look like the sea buoys and is made of a glass base (clear) and shade (frosted) fixed on a wooden halo. 



coffee table designed for 

Take Me Home 

CROSS is a coffee table made by the Polish brand Take Me Home. Table top passing into the legs and further into the base, gives the furniture a very interesting, geometric form. This minimalist furniture is made entirely of powder coated steel.



table lamp designed for  

Flam & Luce

PURSE is a table lamp made by the Portuguese brand Flam & Luce. The solid wood handle and the strong PMMA shade allow you to place this lamp as you want or  you need (vertically or horizontally). The playful design is perfect for children of all ages.



table/lamp designed for  Flam & Luce

PORTOFINO is a side table/lamp designed for the Portuguese brand Flam&Luce. The solid wood legs and the MDF trays offer a lot of possibilities so you will always find the your perfect combination. Directly inspired by the 60's, the design of this lamp will fascinate you.



bench designed for  

David Edward

PATTY is a bench for contract made by the American brand DAVID EDWARD. Solid wood frame and legs align with a button tufted bolster pillow secured by two elastic bands. Standard elastic band colors are off white, black, or COM. The seat cushion features a luggage stitched top profile and a firm polyurethane rubber core. The recycled seat pad underneath offers great support. The round bolster pillow can be modified to include a contrasting welt or button detail. Please contact our account manager for pricing and yardage. 



collection  designed for  


TELAIO is a collection for outdoor made by the Taiwanese brand 7OCEANS. This collection is made of a lounge chair, a dining chair, a dining table and a sun chair which are based on the important loom culture, which is not use anymore but which represent the artisanal side of the fabric production. The structure is made of tie rods and it supports ropes weave which make the backrest and the seat. About the material, it is crafted from sturdy steel frame, hand brush to remove all the rust and double outdoor powder coating on the chair, it provides the perfect backdrop for the resin ropes. It is made to survive outdoor weather and temperatures. Sturdy enough to withstand any weather conditions.