Console & Desk designed for 

Take Me Home (2018)

Contemporary MS. COSY console table, whose great advantages are simple form and multifunctionality. The console table in Scandinavian style has a handle on the left, where you can hang a purse or a backpack. In addition, the base has been extended over which there is a row of hooks for hanging keys, a holder for documents or correspondence, and containers in which you can hide pens, business cards and sticky notes. Such a minimalist console table is a great piece of furniture for people who like to have everything at hand in the hall or office. In a duet with a MR. COSY minimalist coat stand, it creates the perfect set of furniture to help keeping order.


Ms.Cosy is also a modern Scandinavian desk in a minimalist style. The top is made of solid Class A oak or a choice of oak veneer, gives it character. The protruding railing makes the modern desk fit into industrial design. Mr. Cosy can be personalized in any way; to choose in configuration with a magnetic board, drawer and key holder. Thanks to such solutions, the organization of the workplace is much easier. Additionally, containers for pens and pencils and a correspondence hook placed on the rail allow you to have all the most necessary things at hand. 

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